The Altius Governance Committee was set up to take responsibility for providing appropriate and rigorous governance oversight and challenge of the Altius Teaching Alliance.

The Committee is made up of 2 members of the lead teaching school LGB and 2 governors from the partner teaching school LGB.

Andy Child, Chair (Claremont School Governor)
Declan Wainwright (Claremont School Governor)
Hilary Smith (Bennett School Governor)
Sarah Walker (Bennett School Governor)

Its Clerk is Margaret Stebbing.
The Director Teaching Schools Bennett, Richard Tyson, and Headteacher Claremont, Sylvia Crocket are in attendance.

This committee meet at least 3 times a year and will report to the Bennett LGB and the governing body of the partner school jointly. The Committee’s responsibilities include:

i. Holding the Alliance to account for the expenditure of its annual grant income
ii. Approving the Alliance’s annual development plan, ensuring it is sufficiently strategic, ambitious and targeted on areas of relative underperformance
iii. Challenging the Alliance to generate an appropriate level of additional income through professional development provision and through targeted school to school support grant application
iv. Ensuring that the impact of the Alliance’s work is strong and measurable
v. Ensuring that appropriately rigorous records are kept of income, expenditure and impact
vi. Ensuring that all staff employed by the Teaching School Alliance, or contracted to it, meet expectations of productivity and are held properly to account for performance

The Chair, Mr Andy Child, can be contacted in writing via the Clerk to the Committee, Mrs Margaret Stebbing, either by post using the Tenax address or by email [email protected]